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Aesculus Pentarkan

Aesculus Pentarkan for predictable results in piles and simillarly related problems

• Effective in bleeding piles with burning pain and prolapse of rectum

• Covers blind or bleeding haemorrhoids with or without pain

• Effective in haemorrhoids with constipation

• Also useful in varicose veins

Presentation: Bottle of 30 ml

Alpha MP

Alpha MP

For relief from muscular pain of various origins

• Takes care of tearing pains of tendons and ligaments

• Covers muscular soreness

• Indicated also for uneasy feeling of the limbs

• Relieves spasmodic muscular pain, cramps and rheumatic pains

• Reduces general uneasiness, weariness and weakness.

Presentation : 30 ml glass bottle pack.

Alpha TS

Alpha TS – The drops that lowers tension and stress without side effects:

• Contains internationally acknowledged, natural anxiolytic Passiflora

• Normalises physiological functions and reduces anxiety

• Has sedative and calming effect

•Controls depression

• Reduces melancholia.

Presentation : 30 ml glass bottle pack.

B-Trim Drops

SBL B-Trim Drops:

B-Trim Drops are recommended for overweight individuals or those who wish to improve their metabolism and maintain weight. Indicated in case of general weight management.

Presentation: 30 ML Sealed Bottle.

Bryorheum Drops(G)

Willmar Schwabe Germany Bryorheum (20ml):

Relieves Muscular, Joint Pains & Swelling, Stiffness, back pain.

Also known as:


Presentation: 20 ml of glass bottle.

Cineraria Maritima Eye Drops

Dr. Reckeweg Cineraria Eye Drops (10ml):

Relief from Dryness in Eyes, Irritation, Burning, Eye Strain,Blur vision.

Also known as:

Cineraria, cinera

Presentation: 10 ml of plastic bottle.

Clearstone Drops SBL

SBL Clearstone Drops (30ml):

Renal Calculi, Pain Abdomen and Back, Burning Urination.

Also known as:

Calculi Ren

Presentation: 30 ml of glass bottle.

Damiagra Drops SBL

SBL Damiagra Drops (30ml):

Useful in Premature Ejaculation, Lack of Erections, Loss of Confidence.

Also known as:


About Damiagra Drops

Erectile dysfunction(ED) affects the lives of many middle-aged men and their partners to one degree or another. The problem is now seen in the younger age group also. Help Patients with ED regain their lost confidence with Damiagra.

Presentation: 30 ml of glass bottle.

Damiaplant Drops Schwabe

Willmar Schwabe India Damiaplant Drops (30ml):

For Males in erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, stamina. Damiaplant is suitable for both male and female patients.

Also known as:


Presentation: 30 ml of glass bottle.

Dermoline Drops

Medisynth Dermoline Drops (30ml):

For Atopic Dermatitis, Eczema, Pruritus, Skin Rashe, Dry & Cracked Skin.

Also known as:

Dermolin, dermoli, dermol.

Presentation: 30 ml of glass bottle.

Dr Reckeweg R89 Hair Care Drops

Dr. Reckeweg R89 (Lipocol) (30ml):

Helps to control Hair Loss, Graying of hair, thin hair, alopecia.

Also known as:

R 89, lipocol

Presentation: 30 ml of glass bottle.

Dr. Bhargava’s Spondin Drops

Dr. Bhargava Spondin Drops (30ml):

For Cervical Spondolysis, Pain and Stiffness Neck, Vertigo and Headache.

Also known as:

spondy drop, spondi.

Presentation: 30 ml of glass bottle.