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Acid Chryso Ointment


Acid Chryso Pomade SBL:

Used in skin diseases especially

  • ringworm,
  • psoriasis,
  • herpes,
  • acne rosacea.
  • Indicated for vesicular lesions,
  • associated with foul smelling discharge and crust formation.

Aesculus Hippocastanum 30CH

SBL Aesculus hippocastanum (Dilution):

Tincture of ripe kernel; trituration of dry kernel. Tincture of fruit with capsule is useful to make the medicine.

Common Name: Horse Chestnut.


  • Bleeding & painful piles
  • Fissures
  • Backache
  • Varicose vein

Also known as:

Aesculus Hip

Presentation: 30 ml of glass bottle.

Aesculus Pentarkan

Aesculus Pentarkan for predictable results in piles and simillarly related problems

• Effective in bleeding piles with burning pain and prolapse of rectum

• Covers blind or bleeding haemorrhoids with or without pain

• Effective in haemorrhoids with constipation

• Also useful in varicose veins

Presentation: Bottle of 30 ml

Ague Nil Syrup


Dr. Bhargava Ague Nil Syrup with Giloy, Papaya, Neem and Tulsi (200ml):

Powerful Immune Booster, Protect from Dengue Virus, high temperature.

Also known as:

Bhargava ague, ague nil.

Presentation: 200 ml of glass bottle.

Alfalfa Tonic

Alfalfa Tonic (Schwabe) German quality health tonic to promote physical and mental activities

• Eliminates fatigue, exhaustion and improves appetite

• Effectively takes care of physical and mental debility in children and adults

• Relieves nervous tension, stress and irritability

• Supports regenerative process during and after sickness Improves vigour and vitality.

Presentation : 100 ml bottle.

Alpha Coff Cough Syrup

Willmar Schwabe India Alpha Coff (Cough Syrup) (100ml):

Helps in Bronchitis, Wheezing, Dry Cough with vomiting, breathless.

Also known as:

Alfa coff

Presentation: 100 ml of glass bottle.

Alpha MP

Alpha MP

For relief from muscular pain of various origins

• Takes care of tearing pains of tendons and ligaments

• Covers muscular soreness

• Indicated also for uneasy feeling of the limbs

• Relieves spasmodic muscular pain, cramps and rheumatic pains

• Reduces general uneasiness, weariness and weakness.

Presentation : 30 ml glass bottle pack.

Alpha TS

Alpha TS – The drops that lowers tension and stress without side effects:

• Contains internationally acknowledged, natural anxiolytic Passiflora

• Normalises physiological functions and reduces anxiety

• Has sedative and calming effect

•Controls depression

• Reduces melancholia.

Presentation : 30 ml glass bottle pack.

Arsenicum Album 30CH

Willmar Schwabe India Arsenic Album 30 CH (30ml):

Ill effects of bad food, icy cold food cause complaints, Burning pains.

Also known as

Ars Alb

Presentation: 30 ml of glass bottle.

B-Trim Drops

SBL B-Trim Drops:

B-Trim Drops are recommended for overweight individuals or those who wish to improve their metabolism and maintain weight. Indicated in case of general weight management.

Presentation: 30 ML Sealed Bottle.

Bacopa Monnieri 1X (Brahmi) Tablets


Bacopa Monnieri 1X (Brahmi) Tablets are  brain tonic to improve memory.


They are useful  for alterness, concentration and learning related problems.

Presentation: 25 gm of glass bottle.

Bakson’s Nasal Aid

Bakson Nasal Aid Spray (10ml):

Sneezing, Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Nasal Allergy, Blocked Nose, Thick Discharge.

Also known as:

Nasal Spray

Presentation: 10 ml of plastic bottle.

Bryonia Alba 200 CH

SBL Bryonia Alba 200 CH (30ml):


Bryonia Alba 200 CH is useful in pain worse by motion and better by rest, pressive headache, rheumatism, arthritis, flu, dry cough, bronchitis and asthma.

Also known as:

(Wild Hops)   

Presentation: 30 ml of glass bottle.

Bryorheum Drops(G)

Willmar Schwabe Germany Bryorheum (20ml):

Relieves Muscular, Joint Pains & Swelling, Stiffness, back pain.

Also known as:


Presentation: 20 ml of glass bottle.

Cannabis Indica 200 CH

SBL Cannabis Indica 200 CH (30ml):

Cannabis indica inhibits the higher faculties and stimulates the imagination to a remarkable degree without any marked stimulation of the lower or animal instinct.

Also known as:

Cannabis Ind


  • Epilepsy
  • Mania
  • Dementia
  • Delirium tremens
  • Irritable reflexes
  • Exophthalmic goiter
  • Catalepsy

Presentation: 30 ml of glass bottle.