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BC 21


BC 21:

Dr.Reckeweg (Teething Tablets)

(20 gm)


It is an essential body cell salt indicated for

  • Teething troubles,
  • Tardy dentition and troubles,
  • Cuts teeth easily,
  • Appetite and digestion are improved,
  • Builds the body.

Presentation: 20 gms pills Bottle.

No.1 Bio Combination 25gm best homeopathic medicine for anemia improves absorption of iron SBL Out Of Stock

No.1 Bio Combination


Bio Combination No.1:

SBL (25gm)


Use for;

  • Anemia,
  • Poor digestion
  • General wasting neurasthenia
  • Mental, physical depression
  • Yellow skin and
  • Palpitation

It improves the absorption of iron in the food thereby increasing haemoglobin.

Presentation: Pack of 25 gm

No.19 Bio Combination


Bio-combination No. 19:

SBL (25 gm)


  • joint and muscle pains with or without inflammation,
  • stiff neck,
  • shoulder pains,
  • writers & players cramps,
  • lumbago,
  • sciatica.

Presentation: Pack of 25 gm.