Calendula Officinalis Mother Tincture (Q)


Calendula Officinalis Mother Tincture (Q):

SBL (30 ml)


Calendula Officinalis Mother Tincture (Q) use after;

  • injuries,
  • joint pains,
  • mouth ulcers,
  • bleeding,
  • keloids and
  • wounds.

Also known as:

Calendula Off

Common Name: Marigold

Tincture is made of leaves and flowers.

Presentation: Bottle of 30 ml Mother Tincture.

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Calendula Officinalis Mother Tincture (Q):

SBL (30 ml)

Calendula Officinalis Mother Tincture (Q) use after;

  • injuries,
  • joint pains,
  • mouth ulcers,
  • bleeding,
  • keloids and
  • wounds.


30 ml


Bottle of 30 ml Mother Tincture.

  • Take 10 drops in half cup of water three times a day.
  • We recommend you to take under physicians guidance.

Calendula Officinalis 1X (Q).


No known contraindication.


No known interactions.


No known side effects.

Terms and Conditions:

We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.

Causes & Symptoms for SBL Calendula Officinalis (Mother tincture):

  • It is useful in Injuries that are lacerated and causing pains that are excessive and out of proportion to the Injury.
  • Pains are violent and usually injuries that occur after blow, fall, operations, burns with formation of abscess.
  • Calendula helps in granulation process and early healing with a tendency to formation of flesh, hence being useful in Keloids, and hearing problem that arise due to formation of flesh during the healing process.
  • History of suppressed skin eruptions, that cause complaints are well relieved with help of Calendula.
  • Great sensitivity to open air, Chill in the hands and feet all morning and sweating of feet in the evening.
  • Easily frightened and easily tired by emotional trauma.
  • Generalised weakness with mental, physical and emotional exhaustion.
  • Fear with a feeling as if something bad is about to happen that makes the patient restless.
  • Cannot tolerate criticism and get offended as they feel insulted.
  • Irritability in children, which is accompanied with screaming and twitching of muscles.
  • Lacerated scalp wounds, headache mainly pains that are located in the occiput.
  • Pain in the right side of neck region, glands that are painful.
  • Flushes of heat on the head with pressure on forehead when lying down.
  • Redness and inflammation of white of the eyes, with dryness and pain on the margins of the lids.
  • Discharge from eyes with biting pains in the eyes.
  • Calendula is useful after eye operations which relieves the complaints of pain and helps in avoiding the formation of pus and promotes healing.
  • Calendula is useful in complaints of hearing loss that occur due to the presence of flesh in the ear. The flesh that is the remain after the recovery of any injury that occured.
  • Ear infections with discharges that causes loss of hearing and inability to distinguish from where the sound is coming.
  • Coryza with sneezing, that causes congestion and breathing difficulty, sensation of swollen nose that spreads from side to side.
Face and mouth:
  • Face puffy and swollen under the eyes.
  • Small vesicles that occur on the corners of mouth, tongue dry red and cracked, burns on the lips.
  • Calendula used after dental operations, extraction of tooth,laceration of gums and helps to promote healing. violent pains in the tooth.
  • Pressure in the throat aggravated while swallowing.
  • Sub maxillary glands swollen with pain that travels to the lower jaw.
Stomach and Abdomen:
  • Nausea feeling with constant pressure in the chest associated with vomiting. Chronic vomiting that occurs in cold with distension of stomach. Hungry immediately after nursing.
  • Constant soreness of abdomen with pain in the left iliac region, with frequent mucous stools.
  • Excoriating anus with constipation that requires straining, flatulence and passes no stool.
  • Thirstless, aversion to drinking as it causes shaking and shivering chills after drinking water.
Urinary organs:
  • Difficulty in passage of urine due to chill, offensive urine, frequent urination with clear urine.
  • Burning while passing urine.
  • Violent tearing pains in hands, feet and calf muscles with pain aggravated while sitting.
  • Tired and weary feeling in the limbs with with coldness of hands and feet.
  • Injuries that cause ulcers and discharge from feet with pains, calendula helps in healing it.
  • Useful in skin complaints with yellow discharges,thickened skin after recovery, keloids and Jaundice complaints that cause yellow discoloration of skin.
Male Complaints:
  • Excoriation of prepuce, private parts that is aggravated after coitus is well treated with Calendula.
Female Complaints:
  • Inflammation of genitals with lacerated hymen after coitus.
  • Offensive discharge from vagina that cause itching.
  • Useful in females who have undergone cesarean section, or after deliveries to help healing.


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