Introduction of Gastritis The patient suffered from gastritis feels pain in the membrane of the duodenum. There are two types of gastritis :- Acute gastritis Chronic gastritis Cause Gastritis occurs due to emotional or mental pressure, increasing in acidity, taking pain killer, alcohol, infection of bacteria or virus, eating stale or polluted food, over eating, taking…

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Acidity   Introduction It is a type of indigestion. When the quantity (level) of hydrochloric acid is raise up than its normal level, it is called ‘Acidity’. Cause Mostly, this disease occurs in those who have wounds in their duodenum or chlorosis (green sickness). It also occurs in those who take much tobacco, living in…

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Dysphagia : Introduction Dysphagia difficulty with swallowing refers to problems with the transit of food or liquid from the mouth to the hypopharynx or through the esophagus.( Dysphagia is defined as difficulty in swallowing.) Severe dysphagia can compromise nutrition, cause aspiration, and reduce quality of life. Additional terminology Pertaining to swallowing dysfunction is as follows. Aphagia…

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