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There are at least two billion users of alcohol worldwide, and alcohol is a major public health concern in most countries. Remembering to screen for alcohol misuse, recognizing the physical and psychological complications, and having the ability to offer basic advice and treatment are essential for all clinicians. 

Classification of Psychiatric Disorders homeopathic medicine homeopathic doctor homeopathy clinic pharmacy Hospital Rajkot India

Classification of Psychiatric Disorders

In psychiatry, as in the rest of the medicine, Classification of Psychiatric Disorders is needed for three main purposes:

1. To enable clinicians to communicate with one another about their patients symptoms, prognosis and treatment.

2. To ensure that research can be conducted with comparable groups of patients. 

3. To enable epidemiological studies as a basis for research and planning services.

Systems of classification: There are mainly two systems of classification which are described in brief below.

ICD 10

LSD Use Disorder homeopathic medicine homeopathic doctor homeopathy clinic pharmacy Hospital Rajkot Gujrat India

LSD Use Disorder

In LSD use disorder, Lysergic acid diethylamide, first synthesised by Albert Hoffman in 1938 and popularly known as ‘acid’, is a powerful hallucinogen. . It is related to the psychedelic compounds found in the ‘morning glory’ seeds, the lysergic acid amides. As little as 100 μg of LSD is suffi cient to produce behavioural effects in man. LSD presumably produces its effects by an action on the 5-HT levels in brain.