Acne Vulgaris

  SYNONYMS Acne BASIC INFORMATION DEFINITION Acne vulgaris is a chronic disorder of the pilosebaceous apparatus caused by abnormal desquamation of follicular epithelium leading to obstruction of the pilosebaceous canal, resulting in inflammation and subsequent formation of papules, pustules, nodules, comedones, and scarring. CLASSIFICATION Based on their appearance, the acne lesions can be divided into inflammatory (presence of papules, pustules, and nodules)For inflammatory acne, lesions can be classified as papulopostular, nodular, or both. noninflammatory (open and closed comedones) The American Academy of Dermatology classification scheme for acne denotes the following three levels: 1.Mildacne: characterized by the presence of comedones (noninflammatory…

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​Dress Rubrics with Homeopathic Medicine

​Dress rubrics 👕👔👖👚👗 *Dress* To furnish with clothing to decorate. *Important sub rubrics* Dresses Indecently Dresses Ridiculously Mind indifference to his/her dress. Dresses appearance about personal Mind indifference exposes her person Mind naked wants to be Mind Shameless exposes the person Mind Tastelessness in dressing. *FOPPISH* Pre occupied with his cloth or always wants to…

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Amphetamine Use Disorder homeopathic medicine homeopathic doctor homeopathy clinic pharmacy Hospital Rajkot Gujrat India

Amphetamine Use Disorder

Amphetamine Use Disorder: Definition: In Amphetamine Use Disorder, Though synthesis by Edleano in 1887, it was introduced in Medicine in 1932 as benzedrine inhaler, for the treatment of coryza, rhinitis and asthma. Later, it recommended for a variety of conditions such as narcolepsy, postencephalitic parkinsonism, obesity, depression, and even to heighten energy and capacity to work. OverviewComplicationsWithdrawal…

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