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What we treat

Specialist in treating with very high success rate…


  • ADHD,
  • Autism,
  • Asthma,
  • Allergies,
  • Tonsillitis,
  • Common Cold…


  • PCOD,
  • Acne,
  • Hair Fall,
  • Skin Diseases,
  • Uterine Fibroids,
  • Pregnancy Issues…


  • Acidity,
  • Obesity,
  • Back Pain,
  • Depression,
  • Constipation,
  • Sexual problems…


  • Arthritis,
  • Insomnia,
  • Diabetes,
  • Joint Pains
  • Prostate problems
  • Parkinson’s Disease…

Meet Our Homeopaths

Highly qualified specialists

Dr.Bhavin Dhamsaniya


Specialization: Homeopath

Location: Rajkot, India.

Clinic 1: Mann Homeopathy Clinic

Clinic 2: Shreeji Clinic Falla


Dr. Bhavin Dhamsaniya is very intellectual and reputed Homeopath providing qualitative homeopathic treatments to his patients at Mann Homeopathy Clinic in Rajkot and Shreeji Clinic in Falla near Jamnagar since 2014.

Dr.Dhara Dhamsaniya

MD (Hom.)

Specialization: Homeopath

Location: Rajkot, India.

Clinic 1: Mann Homeopathy Clinic

Clinic 2: Shreeji Clinic Falla


Dr. Dhara Dhamsaniya is very knowledgeable and famous Lady Homeopath providing best homeopathic services to her patients at Mann Homeopathy Clinic in Rajkot and Shreeji Clinic in Falla near Jamnagar since 2017.

Dr.Nikhil Dhamsaniya


Specialization: Homeopath

Clinic : Shreeji Clinic Falla

Location: Near Post-office,

Falla, Jamnagar, India.


Dr. Nikhil Dhamsaniya is very popular and reputed Family Physician and Homeopath providing valuable medical and homeopathic treatments to his patients at Shreeji Clinic Jamnagar Rajkot Highway in Falla near Jamnagar since 2011

Dr.Nidhi Desai


Specialization: Homeopath

Clinic : Mann Homeopathy Clinic

Location: Near KKV Hall,

Kalawad Road, Rajkot, India.


Dr. Nidhi Desai is very enlightened and best lady Homeopath providing most curative homeopathic treatments to her patients at Mann Homeopathy Clinic, Mahalaxmi complex, Near KKV Hall, Kalawad Road in Rajkot since 2018.

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Homeopathic Treatment
Mann Homeopath Clinic
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About Mann Homeopathy Clinic

Inspiring Better Health Through Homeopathy

Mann Homeopathy Clinic

Our Homeopathic clinic has grown to provide a world class homeopathy treatment and medical help. We are among the most qualified homeopathic treatment provider doctor in Rajkot Gujarat India with our 5 years of quality treatment and experience. We have gained trust of more the 5400 patients.

Meet Our Experienced Team

Our Dedicated Homoeopathic Doctors Team

We offer extensive homoeopathic medical care to outbound and inbound patients and we are very proud on achievement of our staff, We are all work together to help our all patients for recovery.

Fully Computerized

Doctors are using the most modern Medical Softwares like
Hompath Zomeo Ultimate LAN
These innovative Homeopathic Softwares will help in Analysis, Evaluation, Diagnosis, Repertorisation and Selection of remedy there for you will get 100% accurate remedies with rapid and permanent cure.

Own Homeopathy Pharmacy

Clinic has both online homeopathic pharmacy and offline homeopathic pharmacy in Rajkot. We dispense our own homoeopathic medicine so that our patients do not have to face troubles to visit outside pharmacy. Doctors are using export quality homoeopathic medicines of Willmar Schwabe Germany, Dr.Reckeweg Germany, SBL India etc.

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Homeopathy Treats the Patient, Not Just the Disease.

Homeopathy is a Medical science based on the well proven premise that the body has its own power to heal. Homeopathy clinic offers long lasting and permanent cure, treating the disease from its roots without any side effects and homeopathy has following benefits…

Best Mann Homeopathy Clinic in Rajkot



A preparation process called potentisation removes all toxicity from each substance. It is safe for all ages and during pregnancy. However it is advised to be under the care of a qualified practitioner.



Healing through homeopathy is a gentle process and results are often powerful and long lasting.



Homeopathy considers and addresses the whole person. Therefore often one or a succession of (single) remedies resolves all complaints.



Remedies usually cost surprisingly less than allopathic prescriptions and most herbs/supplements.



By boosting the immune system and overall health, homeopathy improves a person’s resistance to infections and possible illnesses.



Humans respond differently to medicine than animals. All homeopathic medicines tested on healthy humans.



Homeopathic medicines are given as small pleasant tasting pellets which dissolve in the mouth, through olfaction, or in liquid form. Granules, powders & drops are also available.



A homeopath will ask many questions. Not only about the symptoms which are bothering an individual. But also how they react to the condition and about their general health and lifestyle.



Homeopathic medicines can be safely used anywhere to treat bruises, minor burns, sprains, insect bites, gastric upsets and more.



With over 3000 homeopathic medicines and new remedies being made all the time. Homeopathy is a growing art. Unlike allopathic medicine which takes drugs off the market every year as new side-effects are revealed. Homeopaths still use the same medicines they were using 200 years ago along with new medicines to broaden their scope.

Famous Homeopathy Clinic in Rajkot

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more Reasons to choose Homeopathic treatment

The reason a number of us choose Homeopathic treatment over the other medical sciences are…As a result Best Homeopathy Doctors in Rajkot therefore Top Homeopathic Clinic in Rajkot also homeopathic medical store in rajkot.

Homeopathy cures illness from root of the cause

As said by doctors, It is known to cure the illness or ailment right from the root of the cause. So, one of the biggest advantage of this form of medication is that it treats the sickness from the root cause. As a result, for instance if you constantly suffer from stomach upset, and you are more likely to take a pill to stop the pain. Which only does the job of reducing or taking off the symptom or reaction of the main problem.

The constant occurrence of the problem could probably stem from acidity. Here is when homeopathy does the trick. Rather than concentrating on the uneasiness felt. It targets the root problem which is acidity and in the bargain takes down all the effects that acidity as an issue can cause.

Small doses thus resulting in almost zero side effects

The medication consumed in small doses thus resulting in almost zero side effects. This is one of the foremost reasons why many of us are keen on opting for homeopathy. Side effects of medication is something that a majority worries about as it is an added situation that needs to be dealt with.

Homeopathy increases immunity

Furthermore, it is also said to stimulate and activate the human body’s own power and potential to self heal and fight back against antigens. This only means that the homeopathic medicine tries to heal the ailment in the most organic manner. Awakening antibodies in your system only makes the body stronger to fight back.


While being incredibly effective in the long term. Homeopathic medication is also affordable as compared to the others. Costly medical treatment is what holds back a number of people from getting the care that they need. But with Homeopathy, this is the least of your concerns.

Popular Homeopathy Clinic in Rajkot

Homeopathy medicine is safe for child

Administering medication to adults is far easier as compared to children. And as parents making sure your child is in good health is the only possible thing you can think of. Even before you have laid eyes on them, your every heartbeat as a parent beats for your little one.

As children, it isn’t uncommon for a flu or cold to get the better of them. And while these might still be smaller problems from the lot. A parent will storm heaven and hell to restore good health back to their child. Children are battling more serious issues like enlarged adenoids, asthma, bronchitis, diarrhoea and constipation nowadays. Behavioral patterns like anxiety, depression, defiant or aggressive behavior also common in children in today’s time.

Children like Homeopathic medicine

Homeopathy in cases like these becomes the most preferred form of medicine to administer to children. Because their bodies are twice as delicate as ours, prescribing high dosage of medicine not always recommended. For the above listed illnesses and of course depending on the severity of each of them. Homeopathic Doctors Rajkot prescribe homeopathic medicine as the small dosage and the issue uprooted from the very core. The ingredients of Homeopathy pills placed inside tiny, white, round carriers.

Since they are sweetish in flavour, children generally tend to fancy them as much as any other goodie. Tiny and white, they are easy on the eye and sugary in flavour only makes it easier for parents to make sure their kids take the pills well. The fact that they small in size also makes a great difference as children face immense difficulty swallowing tablets that are considerably large.

man Homeopathy Clinic in rajkot

When treating yourself

First of all, when treating yourself with this form of medication it is mandatory to know that the process is time-consuming. You can in no way leave the course mid way in no more than a few months. Also disappointed with the lack of evident results. What you need to bear in mind is the fact that. Finally this medicine digs deep into the root cause of the issue and cures it from within. Following timely intake of the medicine is another important factor that will help result in curing the ailment.

Many a time we overlook or get too absorbed with our lives and the chores that have been assigned to us. But, nothing should come in the way of restoring you back to health, Which is why the best way to probably deal with this is to set an alarm for every time you need to take the medication.


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Weighing pros and cons

Probably Though some of you might think of this to be too tedious a task, you should also consider the greater benefits that Homeopathy will deliver to you. When there is a way to rid yourself from the problem once and for all. Why would you want to revisit it every couple of years? Nevertheless, weighing pros and cons with your general physician while keeping in mind the best medication your body can withstand, is the ideal way to make this decision. As they say, no good thing comes easy.

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Do’s and Don’ts

Homeopathic Doctors Roll Out a List of Do’s and Don’ts to Generate Better Healing When Under Homeopathic Treatment;

Each of you have stumbled upon a challenge with regard to your health. Whether grave or not, questions about which doctor to go to. If it’s the first time of course. What kinds of medication to take ? What will be the side effects ? etc. Some of the many questions that fly back and forth in your heads. And by all means they should. It’s your health after all.

The forms of medical science that are most familiar to us are Ayurveda, Allopathy, Naturopathy and Homeopathy. As a result for a number of reasons, you all know of someone or maybe you yourselves have or are using Homeopathic medication and have chosen it over the other three. In many conditions it is to be highly effective and probably one among the safest ways to treat health conditions. This information stems from conversation with friends or the our Homeopathic Doctors in Rajkot that you have been consulting.

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Common conditions that are well treated by Homeopathy

Common conditions that lead patients to resort to this form of medical science include

Various long term illnesses,
  • allergies,
  • atopic dermatitis,
  • rheumatoid arthritis,
  • irritable bowel syndrome.

Homeopathic Clinic near me

What is incredible about this age old form of medicine. That it dates back to 1700 and is still regarded as “the second largest therapeutic system in use in the world” by the World Health Organization. The Rajkot Homeopathic Doctors say that sometimes. The “it’s okay” to the patient’s exceptional situation becomes one too many and more often than not drags their health to the ground. We then stand up to follow our religious drill – go to the doctor, pop the pills and continue doing the same thing we did that got us in this situation in the first place. Do you ever learn? One half of you do. Do you still hope that medication is magic? The other half does.

For the latter half, here are the top 6 suggestions that can usher better healing when under Homeopathic medication as per the Homeopathic Doctors in Rajkot.

No physical contact

These medicines are considered to be highly delicate and touching them is considered a big ‘NO-NO’. The Homeopathic Doctors Rajkot suggest that. It is better to drop them into the bottle cap and toss them directly into your mouth rather than putting them onto your palm before consumption. You can also drop it onto a clan paper too. Careful though, when we say clean paper, we also mean that there needs to be no colour or print on it too. The pills are known to get easily contaminated.

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30 minutes or nothing

This 30 minute rule is where so many of you fail, and fail miserably. When consulting Homeopathic Doctors in Rajkot, they will always advise you that half an hour before and after the medication is consumed, it is important to not eat or drink anything. The only thing that can be accepted as an exception is water of course. Then again, water can be consumed only after 10-15 minutes before and after taking the medicine.

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Add the medication and subtract the addictions

Now here a no brainer. Smoking, drinking, chewing of tobacco or any other intoxicants strictly prohibited by Rajkot Homeopathic Doctors when taking homeopathic medicine. Under no circumstance can “it was just a puff” or “just a little sip” feature as an excuse when under treatment.

To coffee or not to coffee?

For the coffee addicts. (This point counts twice taking into consideration the one mentioned above too.) Let’s start off by saying better safe than sorry. The consumption of coffee when on homeopathy treatment is still being debated. Some including Rajkot Homeopathic Doctors, say the 30 minute rule of consuming anything 30 minutes before and after the medicine stands strong.

The other set think otherwise as coffee can act as an antidote as the production for some of the medicines involve the use of coffee in the crude as well as in the roasted form. But as stated at the beginning of this point, it is better to be safe than sorry. It’s time to drown the brown from the cup and the follow to the advice given by the Homeopathic Doctors in Rajkot.

Wave onion, garlic, ginger and other strong ingredients

Onion, garlic and ginger are the key ingredients in every Indian’s cooking. But they didn’t say ‘health is wealth’ for no reason. It is recommended by many to keep all ingredients with strong and sharp flavours at bay for those who suffer from conditions like piles, acidity and other gastric disorders. Time to pull out those recipes books and flip the pages to find new ones. This rule however has an exception with the consumption of these ingredients in their raw state. The ideal thing to do would be to ask for the opinion of the best Homeopathic Doctors Rajkot.

Monitored munching?

It’s not very often that patients are suggested a diet when on Homeopathy. However, for those with conditions like bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis or gout, Homeopathic Doctors in Rajkot suggest a list of food items they are allowed to consume and a list they need to refrain from until the effect of the medication begins to settle in.

Homoeopathy Clinic near me in rajkot

Along with other medicines

There is no known interference between homeopathy treatment and conventional drugs like Allopathy & Ayurveda.

The most common dilemma that you juggle with it. What do you do in a situation where you are already consuming a certain type of medication? Be it for Allopathic or Ayurvedic medication. It  recommend to tell your doctor in advance about the medication you are already consuming. If consumed without consultation, there is a possibility that there maybe an adverse effect due to the mix of two components or the sudden discontinuation of the first one. Keeping these points in mind and equally in action. It can result in a better outcome when treating your ailment with homeopathic medication under the advise of reputed Rajkot Homeopathic Doctor…

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Why Mann Homeopathy Clinic ?

  • Mann Homeopathy Clinic recognized as one of the major Clinic in well developed center of the city Rajkot.
  • Our Homeopathic Doctors in rajkot are dedicated to providing comprehensive, high-quality health care services.
  • Cost effective and expert homeopathy treatment of Best standard for all major & minor diseases.
  • We treat with very high success rate without any side effects by Homeopathy Medicine & lifestyle management.


Mann Homeopathic Clinic near Rajkot

Our Doctors are dedicated to providing comprehensive, high-quality health care services, caring, cost effective and expert homeopathy treatment of good standard for all major & minor diseases. With very high success rate and without any side effects by Homeopathy Medicine & lifestyle management.

What Exactly Homeopath Do ?

Homeopathic Doctor will study your case in detail and formulate an effective treatment plan for you. He will evaluate the patient’s emotions, mental state, lifestyle , nutrition, physical symptoms and other aspects of the individual.

Specialist in treating with very high success rate

  • Acidity (GERD), Joint & Head Pain,
  • Neuro spinal & Rheumatological disorders,
  • Behavior & Learning Disability,
  • Allergy and Asthma,
  • Psychosomatic, Psychiatric and Psychological disorders.

Salient Features of homeopathy

  • Homeopathic treatment cures a disease instead of just suppressing its symptoms,
  • Homeopathy enables the patient to enjoy long lasting benefits,
  • It does not involve any complicated procedures for taking medications,
  • Treatment does not exhibit any side effects,
  • The patient’s immune system and resistance to infections is strengthened,
  • It eliminates the need for unnecessary surgery.

Along with other medicines!

There is no known interference between homeopathic treatment and conventional drugs like Allopathy & Ayurveda, etc.

Why Homeopathy ?

Homeopathy offers long lasting and permanent cure, treating the disease from its roots without any side effects and homeopathy has following benefits…

Complete Science:

Homeopathy is a complete medical science which has a clear-cut advantage over other systems of Medicine. Because it considers the entire individual, his psychological and physical make-up as well as the complete evolution of the disease while prescribing a remedy.

No Side Effects:

Homeopathy is a side effect-free treatment that is gentle on the constitution. Due to Homeopathic remedies are derivatives of natural substances, and the doses prescribed by a qualified physician are never more than the patient actually needs.

Preventive capacity:

Most importantly Homeopathy works as a preventive & helps to maintain the healthy state of the individual not affected by the environment. Medicines can be given as prophylactics to prevent an individual from contracting a disease that people around him may be suffering from.

Aims at removing Cause:

In today’s conventional practice, the physician spends very little time with the patient. Therefore he may listen to what is wrong with you and just give some medication for that particular suffering only. But Homeopath will inquire into the cause behind the trouble and go to the root of the disease.

Homeopathy Improves Immunity:

Homeopathy works by stimulating and restoring the body’s vital energy to heal and when this happens you will be rid of each of your troubles small or big, old or new. Since the immune system is energized, So Homeopathy protects you from future troubles also.

Use in Epidemic diseases:

Homeopathic medicine can be very useful during epidemics. Because the remedy that is selected on the symptoms that are characteristic during the epidemic is known as the Genus Epidemicus. As a result Such carefully selected remedies can prevent a person from acquiring the epidemic disease.

Cosmetology Clinic:

People can depend on Homeopathy as a first line of treatment for a range of cosmetic conditions. Due to the peculiarity  of the homeopathy treatment is that – it is less expensive, no recurring expenditure and without any side effects.

Safest Medicine:

Homeopathy is very safe, even for pregnant women and babies. Because Homeopathic medicines can be taken along with other medications without causing any adverse interactions or reactions.  Most importantly Homeopathic medicines do not lead to any drug dependency or substance abuse.

Holistic Methodology:

The homeopath physician takes a detailed history of the patient, including his physical complaints, attributes and emotional situation. As a result this has a 2-fold advantage. One, a detailed history elicits the root cause/s of the illness, & 2nd, it is a suitable channel for the patient to vent his innermost thoughts, feelings & feel better.

Best Homeopathy Clinic in Rajkot

Our Aims

Mann Homeopathy clinic’s aim is to provide homeopathy to people all over the globe. New cases are scheduled in a manner to give you ample opportunity to speak about yourself & your sufferings. Everything you speak is “HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL”. The medicines dispensed are high quality products obtained from reputed pharmacies. We offer quality medical treatment at affordable cost.

Our Vision

The Vision is to improve the quality of life of individuals and create healthier generations of people.


The mission of Mann Homoeopathic clinic is to make available the quality homeopathic treatment to each and every person. Our aim is to find the root cause of health ailments and to treat the individual holistically. Our doctors help to educate clients on how to heal themselves through homeopathy Medicine, correct Nutrition, Detoxification and Exercise. We strive to bring Balance and Harmony to your Physical, Mental and Emotional Well being. We promotes healthy thoughts and makes for happier and more successful individuals.


  • Ensuring quality treatment to our patient.
  • Care and compassion towards the patient.
  • Dedicated sense of integrity in our diagnostic & treatment processes.
  • Ensuring patient data confidentiality.
  • Honest, fair and transparent communication.
  • Approachability and willingness to guide the patient.

Top Homeopathic Doctors in Rajkot

Homeopathy is a system of complementary medicine in which ailments are treated by administering minute doses of remedial substances that in large amounts would produce symptoms of the ailment. Homeopathy treatment is one of the most common forms of alternative medicines and is widely practiced all over the world. For diseases like allergic rhinitis, asthma, osteoarthritis and psoriasis, homeopathic treatment can be sought.

Homeopathic medicine or preparation is referred to as homeopathic or remedy, that are dilutions used with lactose or sugar pills. Homeopathic doctors either have their own private practice or are attached to leading healthcare centres or hospitals. There are homeopathic doctors who have their standalone practice as well as those attached to hospitals. To view a complete list of Homeopathic Doctors in Rajkot, just scroll up this page.


Homeopathic Treatment in Rajkot

Clinic Information

Mann Homeopathic Clinic in Kalavad Road, Rajkot

Mann Homeopathic Clinic in Rajkot. Homeopathic Doctors with Address, Contact Number, Photos, Maps. View Mann Homeopathic Clinic, Rajkot on

Location and Overview:

Established in the year 2014, Mann Homeopathic Clinic in Kalawad Road, Rajkot is a top player in the category Homeopathic Doctors in the Rajkot. This well-known establishment acts as a one-stop destination servicing customers both local and from other parts of Rajkot. Over the course of its journey, this clinic has established a firm foothold in the medical industry. The belief that patients satisfaction is as important as their products and services. These have helped establishment garner a vast base of patients, which continues to grow by the day.

This clinics doctors individuals that are dedicated towards their respective roles and put in a lot of effort to achieve the common vision and larger goals of the clinic. In the near future, this clinic aims to expand its line of products and services and cater to a larger client base. In Rajkot, this establishment occupies a prominent location in Kalawad Road. It is an effortless task in commuting to this establishment as there are various modes of transport readily available.

It is at Kalawad Road, Near KKV Hall, which makes it easy for first-time visitors in locating this establishment. The popularity of this clinic is evident from the 50+ reviews it has received from users. It is known to provide top service in the following categories: Homeopathic Doctors, Dermatologists, General Physician Doctors.

Products and Services offered:

Mann Homeopathic Clinic in Kalawad Road has a wide range of products and services to cater to the varied requirements of their patients. The staff at this establishment are courteous and prompt at providing any assistance. They readily answer any queries or questions that you may have. Pay for the product or service with ease by using any of the available modes of payment, such as Cash, Cheques. This establishment is functional from 10:00 – 1:00 , 5:00 – 8:00.

Please scroll to the top for the address and contact details of Mann Homeopathic Clinic at Kalawad Road, Rajkot.

Modes of Payment at clinic

Cash, Paytm, BHIM, Master Card, Visa Card, Debit Cards, Money Orders, Cheques, Credit Card, American Express Card, Online bank transfer

Year Established


Homeopathic Doctors in Rajkot

(905 Ratings & Reviews) 4.3 Average Ratings

Homeopathy is a system of complementary medicine in which ailments are treated by administering minute doses of remedial substances that in large amounts would produce symptoms of the ailment. Homeopathy treatment is one of the most common forms of alternative medicines and is widely practiced all over the world. For diseases like allergic rhinitis, asthma, osteoarthritis and psoriasis, homeopathic treatment can be sought. Homeopathic medicine or preparation is referred to as homeopathic or remedy, that are dilutions used with lactose or sugar pills. Homeopathic doctors either have their own private practice or are attached to leading healthcare centres or hospitals. There are homeopathic doctors who have their standalone practice as well as those attached to hospitals. As other doctors, homeopaths are also examine, diagnose and treat various acute as well as chronic medical conditions. To view a complete list of Homeopathic Doctors in Rajkot, just scroll up this page.

The Homeopathic Clinics in Rajkot Offer Excellent Medical Care

Homeopathy is an alternative type of medication. At some point of time in your life you would have had a cold or fever for which you would have resorted to some medication that is prescribed by the doctor. Some people fall ill more frequently than others and some medication may be heavier than others. Resorting to heavy medication every time you fall ill also puts a lot of pressure on the body. When the body faces situations like these, there is generally a deep rooted cause for these illnesses to occur. Homeopathy claims to take care of certain illness from the root cause. Homeopathy functions on the basis of “like cures like”. The active ingredients in this type of medication is said to be extracted from natural sources. It is also said that this type of medication does not have any kind of side effects.

What are the different forms of homeopathic medicines?

Homeopathic medication comes in four different forms.

1. Tablets

2. Ointments

3. Gels

4. Drops

What are the common issues for which homeopathy is used?

There are numerous medical issues for which homeopathy is prescribed but these are the most common ones.

1. Warts, acne and pigmentation

2. Allergies and asthma

3. Chronic pain

4. Anxiety and depression

5. PMS and menopause

How does homeopathy help when you have warts, acne and pigmentation?

Warts generally occur when a virus enters through skin injuries such as cuts and bruises. They occur locally and are mostly benign growths on the surface of the skin. While most of them do not cause any kind of pain, they can become discomforting when they occur in places where they are constantly irritated. There have been a number of cases where homeopathy has helped to get rid of already present warts, preventing the occurrence of new ones. The medication can be taken orally or through an application. Doctors at homeopathic clinics Rajkot has, will prescribe the most effective way of taking the medication.


Acne is a problem that many people and mostly adolescents deal with. It occurs on there is dirt accumulated in the pores of the skin. There are various factors that cause acne to occur. They also occur on different parts of the body. For some acne may be caused because of pores being clogged, for others it could be a hormonal imbalance or even stress. Acne occurs in two forms – non-inflammatory and inflammatory acne. Depending on what the cause is of the acne, doctors prescribe homeopathic medication. It is said that it takes care of the problem from the root cause and has shown great results in the long term. It also reduces the inflammation and swelling that acne generally causes.

Pigmentation is the occurrence of the darkening of the skin on the body, mostly the face. This happens when there is an excess amount of melanin that is secreted in the body. It is more commonly seen in women, but can also occur in men too. It is caused by a number of reasons. Some of which are pregnancy, during menopause, consumption of contraceptive pills and hyperthyroidism. Stress, inadequate sleep and overexposure to the sun are some of the other factors that play a part in this condition. It is said that homeopathy clears off this discolouration and aids in making the skin tone even.

How does homeopathy help when you have allergies and asthma?

Allergies are said to be the most common health problem across the globe. Everything from the environment to the change in lifestyle is said to cause allergies in a person. Some of the factors that contribute in increasing the risk of developing allergies are obesity, tobacco and alcohol consumption, inadequate nutrient intake, environmental pollution, stress, lack of physical activities and genetics. Taking into consideration all these factors specialised doctors will prescribe the medication you need to take care of root problem of this situation.

Asthma is when the passage that lets the air pass into your body becomes twice as sensitive when there are dust particles in the air. It makes it difficult for to breath and blocks the air from passing into the body, thus causing a choking like sensation. Homeopathy is know to restore the health of the body and through natural healing, strengthen the breathing passage.

How does homeopathy help when you have chronic pain?

Dealing with chronic pain can be quite the challenge. It can come in the way of going about your everyday chores, your professional life and in many ways your personal life too. In more severe cases, it is said to leave people sleepless too. Chronic pains such as aching muscles, sprains and bruises, aching, swollen or stiff joints and muscles, shooting pains that result from nerve damage, and arthritis and back pain are treated by means of homeopathy.

How does homeopathy help when you have anxiety and depression?

Anxiety and depression is seen more prominently in today’s day and age. More number of people are being diagnosed with these problems and a lot of it is connected to the lifestyle you live. Awareness too has a big part to play in this. When dealing with anxiety or depression, the body reacts in a very different manner. Some people are known to face fatigue, headaches, muscle tension, aches, difficulty swallowing, shaking, twitching, irritability, sweating and hot flashes. Nausea is another very pronounced symptom. Homeopathic medication is known to treat conditions like these. The medication is prescribed based on assessing the person on the whole.

How does homeopathy help when you have PMS and menopause?

When women are on their periods or are facing menopause, many of them face a lot of pain and mood swings. They are far more irritable and tend to feel low. Periods occur on a monthly basis and menopause occurs when women enter their 40s. Some of the symptoms of menopause are hot flushes, osteoporosis (weak bones), weight gain (obesity) and hair loss. Consulting the right doctor at homeopathic clinics in Rajkot is the best way to go through these processes pain-free.

How much do homeopathic doctors charges?

These specialty doctors charge an approximate consultation fee of Rs. 100 – Rs. 300.

Please note that the prices are indicative in nature and may differ from doctor to doctor or medicine to medicine.

Are you looking for homeopathic clinics near you?

In Rajkot homeopathic clinics are situated in your neighbourhood. You can find them without any hassle right here on

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